Genesis G80

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May 15, 2017

  • Three refined engine options: 3.8-liter V-6, 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V-6, 5.0-liter V-8
  • 3.3T Sport trim delivers dynamic performance, sport styling and ultimate comfort and convenience with class-leading features
  • Standard safety features provide segment-leading suite of safety technology unrivaled in the mid-luxury segment

The G80 executive luxury sedan delivers an unprecedented combination of refined performance, human-focused technology and segment-leading safety features. G80 standardizes advanced safety technology with a suite of active safety features for superior passenger and vehicle protection, including Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist and Blind Spot Detection. G80 carries an unparalleled Genesis Experience that provides the highest levels of customer benefits with enhanced maintenance programs and Genesis Connected Services.


G80 expresses a truly modern design through distinctive exterior styling with a sleek, upscale appearance. G80 features a striking hexagonal front grille as a key geometric element, an elegant crease accent running along the flanks of the car, and a dynamic rear design. Design surfaces convey a kinetic elegance, relying more on voluminous body sections than surface details to create dramatic forms.

The single-frame crest grille ensures the front end of G80 is not only striking, depicted in semi-gloss chrome, but also encompasses standard, bi-xenon HID headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights and available LED fog lights. The profile of G80 is expressive, with fluid lines and blended surfaces, and a sleek C-pillar helping to emphasize the sporty styling. The rear of the vehicle benefits from a sculptural aesthetic with jeweled and full-LED wraparound taillights that provide a sense of visual width and feeling of stability.


The cabin layout of G80 was designed to benefit all occupants with a spacious, comfortable ambience. The simplified switchgear and instrument panel ensure an intuitive layout and open feel. This user-centric design has sought to connect the various interior parts effectively, particularly the center stack with the console, upper-instrument panel and B-pillar with the headliner. G80 displays an ultra-precise fit and finish, with ergonomic seat design and a generous, natural feel. Particular attention was paid to the storage of practical items such as mobile electronics of many shapes and sizes, along with the flexibility of the cupholders. Total interior volume is an impressive 123.0 cubic feet which includes an expansive 15.3 cubic feet of cargo volume.

The Genesis design team focused on the interior design principles of safety, intuitiveness and simplicity, in designing all primary controls to deliver maximum ease of use. Ease of reach and control have been meticulously evaluated and executed using a specially-designed laboratory tool created to measure occupant operational force for optimal ergonomics.

Interior surfaces were developed to decrease relative interior reflections and brighten dashboard surfaces, while available high-grade materials such as genuine aluminum and matte-finish wood ensure a luxurious feel. Cohesion between the center fascia and audio controls is evident through its streamlined design, making the two separate sections appear as one. To further ensure harmony within the interior, G80 was intensely scrutinized for its use of materials, with extensive analysis of the relationship of different materials, their texture and color coordination.

Driver and passenger posture are optimized using enhanced seat pad density, improved seat support technologies, such as adjustable driver’s seat power bolsters and seat cushion extension. G80 offers standard 12-way power front seats, including four-way power lumbar, heated front seats with available ventilation, as well as heated rear seats on HTRAC AWD models. Seat materials and stitching quality utilize double, rather than single stitching. The driver’s seat incorporates functionality with an available air-pressure pump and controller valve, providing seatback bolster adjustment through individual air-cells located in the seat. With a total operating time under 8-seconds, G80 benefits from both a faster activation process and greater range of adjustment than many competitive rivals.


The G80 platform employs advanced high-strength steel, composing more than 50 percent of its total platform composition. The strategic benefits of high-strength steel are immediately evident in torsional and bending rigidity – it is stiffer in both torsional and bending rigidity than the BMW 5-series.

Ensuring a smooth ride over rough roads was a top development focus, achieved by a robust connecting structure, extensive laser welding, reinforced body and chassis mounting points, hot stamping and dipping techniques for the B-pillar and roof sides, and a high level of high-strength steel in the chassis. Front shock towers are made of aluminum, and a diamond-shaped strut bar maximizes front structure rigidity for precise steering response.


Fully leveraging this rigid chassis is a rear multi-link suspension, with optimized 5-link geometry and increased suspension travel for a broad range of both dynamic performance and ride comfort. Lateral suspension stiffness and overall ride comfort refinement were top priorities in its dynamic development. The fully-independent, 5-link front and rear suspension designs increase suspension travel, for greater wheel articulation and bump absorption over a variety of road surfaces. 18-inch and 19-inch alloy wheels resist deflection forces for precise suspension response to changing road surfaces. Handling and road holding also benefit from a well-balanced 52/48 ratio of front-to-rear weight distribution.

In addition, special focus was given to the development of Rack-mounted Motor Driven Electric Power Steering (R-MDPS), with a Variable Gear Ratio (VGR), helping to provide high-speed stability and a direct feel at low and medium speeds. These driving qualities are attained while retaining the incremental fuel economy benefits of an electric system over the higher parasitic losses of hydraulic systems.


G80 is offered with a choice of rear-wheel-drive or HTRAC All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) configurations. HTRAC was developed as a multi-mode system, providing an electronic, variable-torque-split clutch with active torque control between the front and rear axles.

The driver-selectable HTRAC Normal and Sport modes help provide confident control in all-weather conditions. The Sport setting gives a more agile feel by sending more available torque to the rear wheels, for a sporty rear-drive dynamic feel when desired. Further, to maximize efficiency, the system can direct more available torque to the rear wheels during steady-state highway cruising for reduced drivetrain frictional losses and noise. This system has a wider range of torque distribution variability than many competitive systems and was tuned to variable conditions such as straight-line acceleration, medium- and high-speed cornering, and hill-starts. All modes are programmed in concert with Genesis’ Intelligent Drive Mode select.


G80 offers a choice of three powerful, refined and awarded engine options:

  • 3.8-liter V-6 (311 horsepower, 293 lb-ft. of torque)
  • 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 (365 horsepower, 376 lb-ft. of torque)
  • 5.0-liter V-8 (420 horsepower, 383 lb-ft. of torque)

The 3.8-liter V-6 is optimized to deliver a flatter overall torque curve at low rpm for superb drivability, with a three-stage variable intake system, triangular-pattern fuel injector for improved combustion, an air-gap exhaust manifold for better NVH. It will run on regular fuel with only a small reduction in peak power. The 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V-6, tuned for maximum driver enjoyment, is available only on G80 Sport. The award-winning, 5.0-liter V-8 engine features high-pressure direct injection for impressive power, low emissions and superb efficiency.

All powertrains feature a driver-selectable Intelligent Drive Mode that allows users to select from four drive modes depending on conditions and driving preferences. Each drive mode alters transmission mapping, throttle responsiveness and stability control, with specific modes adapted to function seamlessly for G80 models equipped with HTRAC. Emergency Steering Support Mode automatically changes the setting of electronic stability control (ESC) in the direction suitable for emergency steering, to help avoid frontal crash situations.


G80 employs a comprehensive, standard suite of active driver safety technologies. These features cover the full spectrum of safety, from driver alertness and focus to total occupant safety, and even the safety of other drivers on the road:

  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), uses sensor fusion technology to help avoid a potential collision or reduce its impact in certain circumstances. With this supplemental system, G80 will employ automatic braking when it detects another vehicle at an unsafe closing rate of speed. This system uses Smart Cruise Control and the forward camera from Lane Departure Warning (LDW) to provide this extra margin of safety.
  • Smart Cruise Control (SCC) incorporates stop-start functionality that operates seamlessly with the standard electronic stability control system. This feature allows full function down to 0 mph in stop-and-go traffic conditions, using the front-grille-mounted radar sensor. SCC enables G80 to maintain safer, consistent spacing with the vehicle ahead in varied traffic conditions. The system can also help deploy the Automatic Emergency Braking system should an impending collision situation be detected with a vehicle ahead.
  • Blind Spot Detection (BSD) monitors traffic around the car by using radar sensors in the rear bumper to warn the driver of an approaching vehicle in his or her blind spot via an indicator on the side mirrors. If the driver activates the lane change indicator and attempts to change lanes, ignoring warning indicators, BSD additionally issues an audible warning and haptic steering wheel vibrations. In addition, for G80 sedans equipped with the Head-Up Display, the BSD system indicators also project onto the windshield, nearer to the driver’s view of the road, a segment first.
  • Lane Change Assist (LCA) performs a similar function to help detect vehicles approaching in adjacent lanes at high speeds and warns the driver if a lane change is unsafe.
  • Rear Cross-traffic Alert (RCTA) also utilizes those sensors to scan areas on each side of the car while in reverse to detect any unseen cross-traffic.
  • From the front, the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system uses the forward-facing camera to detect lane departure, and will activate a warning signal on the instrument panel while issuing a haptic steering wheel vibration warning. Working in concert with LDW, Lane Keep Assist (LKA) additionally provides a driver-adjustable level of steering assist to help prevent inadvertent lane departure and provides haptic steering wheel vibration feedback.
  • For extra convenience and safety, G80 is equipped with High-beam Assist (HBA) to detect both oncoming traffic and vehicles in the same lane ahead at night.

G80 also offers a parking assistance system with eight ultrasonic sensors located on the front and rear bumpers. The sensors, along with the rearview camera, help detect how close objects are when parking. Distance is indicated on the in-dash screen and is accompanied by an audible warning tone.


G80 provides a high level of premium driver convenience technologies focused around human-centered innovation. A hands-free smart trunk system was designed to open the trunk automatically if the smart key is detected in a pocket or purse within a few feet of the rear bumper for longer than three seconds. This system allows the driver to keep both feet comfortably on the ground, while waiting by the trunk a few seconds for it to open automatically. It also provides an audible warning and flashing light prior to opening.

An available Head-Up Display (HUD) projects a virtual image onto the windshield, enabling the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road using a system of mirrors combined with a TFT LCD display. The system features adjustable brightness to ensure both excellent daytime and nighttime visibility. Driving information such as speed, Smart Cruise Control status, navigation, Blind Spot Detection, Forward Collision Warning, speed limit, Lane Departure Warning and audio system data is projected at a perceived virtual distance approximately seven feet ahead of the driver for maximum legibility while driving.

G80 also features an electronic parking brake with Automatic Vehicle Hold for convenience when driving in traffic. Automatic Vehicle Hold automatically holds G80 at a stop until the accelerator pedal is depressed, such as at a traffic signal or in stopped traffic. The vehicle hold re-engages whenever the vehicle is brought to a complete stop. G80 also includes proximity-key entry convenience with push-button start as standard equipment.

G80 is available with a 14-speaker Lexicon system with Discrete Logic 7 Surround processing and a 12-channel DSP amplifier with 900-watts of equivalent output. This system is accompanied by a standard 8-inch touchscreen navigation packed with integrated technology, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with additional hands-free and app-supporting software. Smartphone integration provides seamless and intuitive operation of the most commonly used smartphone functions including app-based navigation, streaming audio, voice-controlled search capabilities, plus any approved smartphone apps.


To truly elevate the luxury ownership experience, all Genesis vehicles include exclusive consumer-centric programs and amenities designed to provide owners with the luxury of time and better convenience.

  • 3 years/36K miles Complimentary Normally Scheduled Maintenance
  • 3 years/36K miles Complimentary Service Valet
  • 3 years Complimentary Genesis Connected Services (including Connected Care, Remote, and Guidance)
  • 3 years Complimentary SiriusXM® Travel Link (Traffic & Data)
  • 3 years Complimentary Map Care – Annual map updates
  • Best-in-Industry Warranty with Enhanced Roadside Assistance and Concierge Services

Media Usage Terms

I agree that all creative assets including but not limited to photos, logos, sketches, images and artwork are for
editorial use only. All commercial use of these creative assets, including but not limited to advertising,
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